H  Y  D  R  O
Go with the Flow

Hydroelectric power is a viable alternative to coal. Water running into turbines housed in dams creates plenty of energy. While there have been setbacks due to lack of suitable locations to build dams upgrades to ones currently running are possible. Newer dams have begun to follow a strict environmental impact code developed by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI). Developed using data collected by various state and federal agencies, LIHI certification takes into account river flow, fish migration, water quality, watershed protection and endangered species habitat. There have been over 20 new dams that met LIHI certification, created renewable power with minimal environment impact.

Technology is always improving, and along with the mammoth dams are smaller devices that are small and low cost and don't have to be constructed. These devices can just be placed in streams, generating energy on a smaller scale.

Creative Solutions

High-rise buildings could use toilets to generate electricity. Take a look at the system for generating small quantities of electricity from waste water, while the in-line turbine to used to generate electricity from falling waste water in the soil pipes of high-rise buildings.