The Future of Homes

In 2008 EcoPlusHome and the Bosch Group began the design and development of the EcoPlusHome Test House in Bathurst, New Brunswick. There goal was to create a smart home environment that would not rely on fossil fuels for electricity or heat. With very cold winters(-35C/-31F) and boiling hot summers (35C/95F), Bathurst offered the perfect test climate.

They designed the Test House as a complete system: placed a well-built, airtight modular home in the right orientation on the right site, then incorporated the best advanced energy-efficiency systems and materials. And it worked. The six-member Kenny family spent 12 months (2009-2010) in the Test House during which time it generated and conserved the energy they needed to live comfortably through the area’s seasonal temperature extremes.

In 2010, Efficiency New Brunswick gave the Bathurst Test House an EnerGuide rating of 96, the highest they had ever given.
They are proud to have built the most energy efficient home in Atlantic Canada and now are are branching out across Canada and very soon, the United States.

How it Works

  • Geothermal heat pumps are the most energy and cost efficient systems on the market and therefore the greenest technology for heating and cooling. Technology uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth which makes it extremely efficient all year long in virtually any temperature.
  • Solar thermal panels harness and store the sun’s heat energy easily and conveniently to enjoy a warm shower or boost your central heating.
  • Photovoltaic power generation panels are high-efficiency solar cells that transform sunlight into electrical energy to operate domestic systems and feed into the public electricity grid for credit or cash.

Can I Afford a EcoPlus Home?

You're probably asking yourself how much does it cost to build a fossil fuel free home? Not as much as one would think. In fact it is a 15-20% increase in construction costs compared to a conventional built-to-code home. However, the true test is the real savings it generates that can add up to thousands of dollars each year, based on current energy prices as well as reducing your carbon footprint.