About this site:

This student built site was created to provide you with an outlook of the harm coal can do and look at various issues surrounding it. We also provide examples of several alternatives - less harmful ways energy can be obtained and look at relative and how they can benefit the environment and our future.

But before that….

What is coal?

Coal is essentially a rock, made up of the remains of plant and animal matter. It is considered a “fossil fuel.” This rock-like substance can be burned and turned into energy, which powers the servers of this site that powers you're laptop, tablet, or phone in order for you to view this site.

  Coal can be found on every continent, even Antarctica. The United States of America currently has the largest reserve supply of coal, around 24%. Coal can be found in a total of 38 states.

What’s the problem?

Since it’s readily available, and inexpensive to produce, most of the world still relies on coal as their primary source of energy production. Coal is one of the dirtiest, polluting sources of energy out there.

Another problem? It can be very damaging to the environment, especially when mining for coal. One such method involves digging into topsoil, uncovering the earth below. The other method involves drilling into hillsides and gathering coal through conveyor belts.

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